The 1994 J.R.R. Tolkien Calendar illustrated by Michael Kaluta.

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With a special dedication to wonderful Parisa, because it’s her birthday today ;3;

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One of my favorite posts on the site these past few weeks was about Fus Ro Draw’s geeky ornaments. Not only were the ornaments gorgeous, but it turns out that post did more than just get people clicking “like” and “re-blog.”

See, it turns out that Kelsey, the person who runs the site, was laid off from her full-time job back in October so she set up her Etsy as a way to make money. She was having moderate success but after posting her work, her orders exploded and now she can afford Christmas gifts for her family and friends.

Now this may not sound like a surprise but let me assure you that it’s definitely not the norm. We’ve posted thousands of crafts, designs, and other things but it’s very rare that something comes along that converts someone’s “hey, that’s cool!” to actually buying something.

Thanks to all of our followers who helped make Kelsey’s Christmas magical and we now share with you some of her new work in hopes you’ll share it with others as well.

Ornaments are available on Fus Ro Draw’s Etsy.

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My headcanon for what GLaDOS is thinking 100% of the time


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The Huntress by Tasha Marie

on Flickr

Here’s Part One incase you ghouls forgot

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Privileged Siri Gladiator Thigh High Boot
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Veil Nebula

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Deadpool by ~Chinatsu92

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So I need a wee bit of Help~

My dear followers who cosplay I need help please?

Amine blues con is coming up in June [I can’t wait bleh Hope I can go] and I really wanna cosplay our beautiful champion.

Lady Hawke ~ <3

I have the eye and hair color for her [I don’t need a wig this time!] tho it still gonna look different half of my hair is shave off XD . I have ideas of what I’m gonna do for her the only thing that scares me is her armor how in hell should I make it like people are saying molding foam but i’m not for sure how much it is i’m trying to go for a cheap but good path with this so if you have any idea’s that would help please let me know! 

Thanks for reading! and for any ideas! <333